A quick look at straight teeth at home London

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The fact is that there is still a large number of adults with misaligned or crooked teeth living in the UK when there is absolutely no need for them to continue doing so, as modern tooth alignment treatment can help them gain perfectly aligned teeth in a short period of time.

Many of these adults often struggle to maintain high standards in their oral health and hygiene, making them more susceptible to common dental issues, such as tooth decay, gum disease, and plaque build-up. If their teeth can be realigned, then they will become easier to navigate with a toothbrush and this makes keeping the teeth clean a much simpler task.

One of the biggest barriers to many adults receiving tooth alignment treatment is that of time, as people lead busy lives going to work and taking care of their families. Straight teeth at home London may be the way to address the time constraint issue and allow more adults to receive the alignment treatment they feel they need and want.

For the patient’s convenience

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Once it is recognised that time is a factor that may stop people from receiving the tooth alignment treatment, the next step is to find a solution that solves this problem and allows people to gain the results they desire. Straight teeth at home attempt to address the time constraint issues head-on and remove much of the need to visit the dental practice throughout the treatment period.

With the use of a modern alignment treatment known as Invisalign, a patient must have the aligner swapped for the next in a series every two weeks. However, this is a task that most patients could learn to do for themselves, rather than attending a dental appointment.

This new way of thinking about the provision of tooth alignment treatment sees each aligner required by the patient posted to them, in time for when they need it, then they can simply swap the aligner they have been using for the one they receive in the mail. This takes away the need for them to visit a dental practice to have their aligner changed, as well as gives the patient more control over their treatment.

The need for a consultation

There is still a need for patients to attend a consultation appointment before they begin tooth alignment treatment, as they will have to have their teeth and gums fully examined as this will help to have their needs fully assessed. At this appointment, there will be scans taken of the patient’s teeth that will aid in the creation of the patient’s treatment, in the form of a series of aligners.

The consultation appointment also creates a time where a conversation can take place about the best way forward with treatment, this may include the dental professional offering advice about the best ways to heighten the oral hygiene standards of the patient, before and during treatment. This will help to minimise the risk posed by common dental issues while the teeth are being realigned.

Making the change

So, now patients can take control and receive the tooth alignment treatment they feel they need, straight teeth at home represent a convenient way to receive treatment for the patient in the comfort of their own home.

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