First Responders and Essentials: Courage, Valor, and Selflessness in Action

medical frontliner

America has been attacked by a dangerous enemy, the likes of which we have never seen before. We did not see it coming. We underestimated its power. We were not prepared for it.

Faced with an enemy so perilous, our government had no choice but to call for Americans to retreat. And retreat we did. Save for a few exceptional brave souls.

As we all took a step back into the safety of our homes, these men and women stepped forward to press on and fight the invisible enemy toe-to-toe.

The Frontliners

Since the pandemic has started and the government has called on people to practice social distancing and home-quarantine, a select group of people stepped up to the plate to help prevent the spread of the disease and to keep the nation and economy going albeit at a minimal level.

Health workers have been working non-stop since day one attending to those who may or may not have the virus. Doctors, nurses, and staff from hospitals and treatment centers have been going round the clock to make sure everyone gets the medical attention they need at a time like this.

Whether they’re conducting COVID-19 tests in Brooklyn or performing IV therapy in Salt Lake City, they are there to ensure everyone is safe and has better chances of surviving this deadly virus.

Police and military forces have also been deployed to help keep peace and order in different places all over the country. They patrol the streets to make sure no one unnecessarily exposes himself to the dangerous virus. They help other frontline workers perform their duties. Their presence helps prevent unruly ones from looting establishments and give the people a sense of safety.

Paramedics and firefighters are also on standby should any type of emergency present itself. From accidents to any medical emergency, these people are always ready to be deployed to aid victims and assist families. These folks run towards danger when everyone runs away from it.

Essential workers, such as those who are working in businesses and establishments are needed for people and the economy to survive, also put on their game faces every day to go to work just so we have access to things we need and not be in lack at this time. This includes grocery workers, bankers, delivery and transit workers, the postal services, food store workers, hardware shop staff, and all those involved in providing for and meeting the basic needs of the community.

Courage and Selflessness Out of Compassion

frontliner in sidewalk

While some of us complain about getting stuck at home with nothing to do, these frontline workers keep showing up at work to make sure the war against the dreaded coronavirus doesn’t take too long.

When asked what they would rather be doing, a lot of them express the same thing: to stay home and avoid the risks of getting the disease. A lot of them would say that they would love to stay safe at home with their loved ones. But instead, here they are exposing themselves to the threat we are all running away from, most of them haven’t hugged or seen their loved ones since the health crisis started. The majority of them have not had enough rest which places them in a risky position of contracting the disease.

Yet, without batting an eyelash, they all would immediately follow the statement up saying that they may not like what they are doing but they show up every single day because it is the most responsible and humane thing to do. Out of compassion for those who are sick and those who are at home, they gear up each day to help prevent the situation from getting worse.

While the rest of America cope with getting stuck at home through social media, Netflix, or complaining, these modern-day heroes are sacrificing time away from their loved ones and putting their lives on the line to help protect us from getting wiped out. To all first responders and essential workers, you may not feel it now but you and your actions are appreciated more than you would ever know. Thank you all for your sacrificial and selfless service to the American people. Hats off to all of you!

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