How Different Health Conditions Lead to Malnutrition

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According to WHO, malnutrition is a global health crisis, and why not? If we go by the statistics, WHO estimates that around 460 million adults are underweight. When it comes to children, every 1 in 10 is born with low weight. The numbers hint towards the growing problem of malnutrition. Although the numbers increases in the developing nations, money is not the only factor contributing to malnutrition. There are other factors, too, health being one of them.

Different health problems and medical conditions can lead to malnutrition in all age groups. Health conditions that cause loss of appetite, vomiting, and changes in bowel movement can all contribute to malnutrition. But today, we will be exploring some specific types of health problems that cause malnutrition and how to overcome them to get the right amount of nutrition.

Health problems that cause malnutrition

Malnutrition can be of two types: undernutrition and overnutrition (leading to obesity). Hence, any health problem that prevents our body from absorbing nutrition or getting the right amount of nutrients can cause malnutrition. Here are some medical conditions.

  • Dental problems

The road to your stomach is through the mouth. Hence, any dental problem can lead to nutritional deficiency. Suppose your jaw is paining, and you are not able to chew the food properly. In such a scenario, you will firstly not consume the right amount of food. Secondly, since you cannot chew properly, your body will not get all the right nutrients from the food.

You can get rid of the jaw pain or severely damaged tooth with dental maxillofacial surgery. Similarly, depending on the dental problem you are suffering from, many treatment options are available. Consult with your dentist and get the treatment to minimize the effect of malnutrition.

  • Mental health disorders

Mental health problems and malnutrition are interrelated. That’s because the former can lead to the latter and vice-versa. If you are suffering from stress, anxiety, or depression, likely, you won’t feel like eating anything. Since you are reducing food intake, it will certainly reduce the amount of nutrition you get. Similarly, if you are malnourished, then you become easily vulnerable to mental health problems.

Working on enhancing mental well-being is the best way to prevent malnutrition through this type of disorder. You can find many resources on the internet that can help you improve mental health through different methods. However, doing regular exercise and yoga will be shared among all the resources. So now you know what to do for managing mental well-being and thus nutrition intake.

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  • Digestive issues

In layman’s terms, digestion is breaking the food into different nutrition that our body can absorb. Thus, it is evident that any digestive condition can hamper the process of nutrient absorption and lead to malnutrition. Many digestive problems can lead to a lack of nutrition in our bodies. Some of these are:

1. Crohn’s disease

Sometimes referred to as enteritis, Crohn’s disease is a chronic problem leading to inflammation of the digestive tract. It also hinders bowel movement. Some primary symptoms of this disease are mouth ulcers, diarrhea, and loss of appetite. As you can see, all the signs indicate the loos of nutrition intake that leads to malnutrition.

2. Celiac disease

Celiac is a condition that causes exposure to gluten (a name given to protein present in cereals) and leads to inflammation in the gut. The inflammation then gradually increases to the small intestine. Due to the inflammation, the body cannot absorb the correct nutrients and minerals from the food.

3. Ulcerative Colitis

This condition inflames the bowel and large intestine’s inner lining, leading to sores and ulcers. These sores make it difficult for our body to digest the food and collect all the nutrients.

  • Mobility problems

Mobility problems where a person cannot prepare food regularly leads to malnutrition. If you can’t prepare your own food, it is evident that you won’t get enough amount of food you want, especially a highly nutritional one. Although you can order the food online, not all packaged or even restaurant food will be nutritious. Thus, in the end, even if you order food, your body won’t get the required nutrients and minerals.

Many health problems can lead to malnutrition. Similarly, even malnutrition can lead to several health conditions. For instance, it can lead to weight loss, fatigue, and obesity. Hence, it is essential to fight and get the right amount of nutrients and minerals your body wants. While there are many ways to achieve this, consulting with a dietitian is also recommended if required. Use the tips mentioned above and get the proper nutrients.

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