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High time you sought out dentist Navan to improve your oral health?

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Nowadays, more people than ever across all age and social demographics are increasingly clocking-on to the importance and value of maintaining a good standard of self-care. With the recent and ongoing global pandemic measures affecting everybody’s life to some degree or other, there has never been a higher precedent for people to begin to properly look after themselves and all aspects of their health. Whilst dieting and exercise is on the rise across the board, there still continues to be a percentage of people who are not applying the same level of focus towards their dental health. People who are of this description ought to seek out dentist Navan as a means of ensuring their dental health receives the best treatment available and their health and wellbeing is properly preserved.

The importance of dental hygiene

Those who have not been applying the same amount of focus to their dental health may not fully understand just how important dental hygiene is, and how it can ultimately affect their overall health. For patients who have poorly aligned or slightly crooked teeth, there is a far greater risk of them developing issues such as periodontal disease (gum disease). This is because there is a higher likelihood of food bits and bacteria forming within the harder to reach areas between their teeth. If these bacteria are left to multiply, it could then lead to gum disease forming, or the pulp within the tooth becoming infected. If this happens, then the patient may have to undergo root canal therapy, which is somewhat of a lengthy and complex process which could have been avoided had the patient paid closer attention to their oral wellbeing.

What is root canal therapy?

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Root canal therapy is the name that is given to the dental procedure in which the infected pulp (inner nerves and tissue within a tooth) is removed and re-sealed to prevent further infection. The process begins with the patient being administered with a local anesthetic to properly anesthetize the patient for the procedure. Following this, an opening is made within the infected tooth, and an endodontic file is then used to remove the infected pulp. After the infected pulp has been removed from the tooth, the canals within the tooth are filled with a permanent filling material. Next, the opening within the tooth is filled and, in some cases where it is required, a post is added to provide extra support. Finally, a new crown is added to the top of the tooth, and the procedure is complete.

Care from a dental hygienist

One form of treatment which can be massively beneficial for patients who are hoping to ensure their dental health is of the best possible standard, is to opt for the services of a trusted dental hygienist within their area. Unlike a traditional dentist, who deals with dental problems in a reactive sense, dental hygienists work in a preventative way to ensure that patients teeth are as healthy as they possibly can be. One of the main aspects of a dental hygienist’s role is the identification and subsequent treatment of gum disease, as well as professionally cleaning a patient’s teeth in a treatment which is called a ‘scale and polish’, which leaves patients teeth squeaky clean and healthy, and their minds at ease knowing their dental health is preserved.

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