How to Help Your Senior Parents Retire Safely at Home


Aging is a fact of life that can have a significant effect on any family. If your parents are already seniors but still capable of living independently, you may not feel worried or anxious about their well-being. However, time will come when aging’s effects become more apparent, making long-term care a necessity.

Checking into an assisted living facility can be a good option. However, staying at home allows older people to receive personal assistance in a more intimate setting. If you feel that your parents will be more comfortable at home in their senior years, make sure their environment is safe and conducive to their needs. Here are some tips on how to help your folks age safely and comfortably in their own home.

Make the Bathroom Safe

Safety is a crucial element of elderly home care, and the bathroom is considered the riskiest room for seniors. To keep your mom and dad safe from slips and falls, be sure to have safety devices, such as grab bars and rubber.

You may also consider replacing their old bathtub with a walk-in variety. Remember to place a bathing chair in the tub for their added comfort.

Ensure Proper Lighting

A senior’s eyesight is not as reliable as it once were. Your parents will have trouble moving around the house if it’s not adequately lit, especially at night. So, be sure to change burnt-out light bulbs as soon as possible. If necessary, consider installing additional light fixtures. Putting up a motion detection lighting system inside and outside the house is a great idea as well.

Hire a Care Provider

Without a doubt, caring for senior parents is a labor of love. However, chances are that you will need extra help and resources along the way. If you have other matters to attend to, you’ll need someone reliable to take care of tasks, such as meal planning, errand running, and house cleaning, for your mom and dad.

Hiring a live-in home care provider will address this issue. Just be sure to assess your parents’ needs first to ensure they get the support that they require.

Senior citizen on a wheel chairKeep Emergency Numbers Handy

Aging can affect one’s ability to remember emergency information. Make it easy for your mom or dad to call for help by posting a note in large letters near every phone in the house. Be sure to include the numbers of emergency contacts (both family members and friends) and their professional caregiving service.

If you’re giving your mom and dad their cell phone, choose a more basic model. Seniors tend to find higher-end phones to be complicated and confusing. Equip it with accessibility features, such as larger keypad numbers and bigger fonts. Make sure the call display feature is set so that incoming calls are easily recognizable.

Every senior’s situation is unique. But allowing your aging parents to stay at home is an excellent option. Apart from being able to maintain most of their independence, they will also receive a more personal level of care dedicated to their safety and overall well-being.

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