A Good Patient Attraction System Using Digital Marketing and Social Media

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A strong online presence made up of an appealing website and good search engine optimisation is essential for an effective patient attraction system. With dental practices available on every high street it is important that your patient attraction system is modern, bespoke and successful at attracting attention. It should be good at retaining interest and converting visitors to your website into quality patients who are interested in the dental treatments and procedures which you have to offer. A good patient attraction system should not only show off your dental practice, but emphasise the importance of good dental health, looking after teeth and visiting the dentist on a regular basis, to encourage patients to address their dental needs with you.

A successful dental website

To put a good patient attraction system in place you need to begin with a beautiful, modern dental website which addresses all aspects of your business, whilst informing potential patients of the different treatments and procedures which are available at your dental practice. By including the people on your team and the premises of the practice you will have a highly personalised website, which is important when most dental practices are offering the same treatments and procedures. It helps you to stand out from the other practices in your area. Personalising your website is also important in helping to engage with your patients more effectively, especially nervous patients, therefore this is key to a good patient attraction system. Dental patients usually require greater convincing than patients who are searching for other services or products, so if they feel that you are addressing them directly they are more likely to be more comfortable about booking an appointment to visit you in person.

Keyword research and content marketing

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Once the website is in place it is important that you maintain it regularly to make sure that your patient attraction system remains effective and works for you on a continuous basis. This includes carrying out keyword research to find out what fields of dentistry or what specific treatments and procedures the people in your area are frequently searching for on Google and using these terms to create on-site articles and blogs to help attract your patients further. This is known as content marketing and it is an important part of a good patient attraction system.

Social media marketing

Other techniques which will help enhance your patient attraction system further is the use of social media to help engage with your patients on a different platform and in a more informal setting. Social media allows your patients to contact you when they may be embarrassed to call the practice in person. It is also important to engage with social media because it allows patients to share your information with their friends and loved ones without any cost to yourself, helping to grow your target audience further. Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular social media platforms and by making sure you have pages on each you will be able to widen your audience and show off your dental practice to a greater number of people, finding new patients for you.

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