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dental implants

There are many reasons why people lose their teeth. Some of the main contributing factors are age, accidents, and poor oral hygiene. Whatever the reason, many people go on to find some way to replace them, either via a bridge or dentures in cases of total tooth loss.

In more recent years, with advances in dental technologies, more permanent solutions have been developed that have given rise to a whole new set of options for the treatment of tooth loss. Care Dental Surgery has started to offer these options known as dental implants, in Leicester, to allow their clients to have the ability to feel the benefits of a technology that can be a real replacement to a lost tooth or lost teeth.

Built to be strong and last a lifetime

Dental implants are made from materials that are tough enough to last anyone who decides to have them fixed into their mouth a lifetime, given they are cared for as prescribed by a dental professional. Once in place, the implants should feel like natural teeth, meaning they can be used as such, allowing the wearer to continue with their normal day to day life without the need to have any special considerations regarding their teeth.

A titanium screw is inserted into the jawbone to form the base of the implanted tooth or teeth, this creates a strong foundation for a crown to sit upon. The crown is made from a strong ceramic material to form the tooth within the area it is needed, the ceramic will be coloured to allow it to match your teeth and blend in naturally.

Once the implants are in place, following a few days recovery time, the client or patient should not experience any discomfort as they go on living their lives, many have reported that they find the implants to be comfortable and state they feel like natural teeth.

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Understanding the benefits

There are many benefits to using dental implants to combat tooth loss, some of these benefits may not be gained for the use of bridges or dentures which can come with their own sets of problems.

The main benefit someone can gain from these implants is the fact they are a secure permanent solution to tooth loss; they do not move around in the mouth like bridges or dentures. Many denture wearers often complain about small pieces of food getting trapped between the denture and the gum, due to the denture moving or slipping out of place. Implants can eliminate this.

Once in place, these implants can help to build strength back into the area of the jaw where the tooth loss has occurred, along with encouraging bone growth within the jaw. This then helps to provide increased support to any teeth in the area, helping to maintain the strength of the bite.

When it comes to cleaning these implants can be cleaned in similar ways used to clean natural teeth, meaning there are no unusual cleaning routines to adapt to.

Start to change

If you want to find out more about implants as a form of treatment, then you should contact a dental practice to find out more. If you are a bridge or denture wearer then you may want to find out more about the benefit if you decide to change to implants.

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