Engaging in Fitness, Even at Home

sporty man doing sit ups in bright living room

It can be very convenient to work from home. You can take breaks, wear whatever you want, and not worry about annoying coworkers. A study by Global Workplace Analytics shows that, in the US, the number of people working from home has increased by 115% since 2005. And with the COVID-19 pandemic still raging on, that number will increase even more in the coming months.

However, there are some downsides to working from home, one of which is a lack of motivation to stay fit and healthy. Sitting on the couch all day and mindlessly scrolling through social media or binge-watching TV shows is too easy.

But it’s important to remember that staying active and engaged in fitness can help improve your mental health, boost your immune system, and make you more productive overall. And you don’t need to go to a gym or have fancy equipment to do it. There are plenty of ways to stay fit and healthy in your home.

Here are some tips for staying fit and healthy while working from home.

Get Up and Move

It can feel so tempting to stay in your seat or bed all day, living a sedentary lifestyle. But it’s essential to get up and move around every few hours. At the very least, take a lap around your house or apartment. If you have a fitness tracker, try to hit your daily step goal.

Sitting down for prolonged periods is bad for your health. Back and joint pains will all be a daily nuisance, making it necessary to do a few stretches. Sitting all day can also lead to problems like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. So even if you’re standing up to stretch or taking a quick walk around the block, you’re doing your body a favor.

Getting up can also be strategic for your productivity. According to a study by the University of Texas at Austin, standing up can help you think more creatively. So if you’re feeling stuck on a project, try getting out of your seat and seeing if that helps jumpstart your brain.

There are also plenty of ways to get moving while still working. If you have a laptop, set it up on the kitchen counter so you can stand while you type. Or try setting up a makeshift Standing Desk with boxes or books. And if you have a webcam, why not do some light exercises during your next video call? Just be sure not to overdo it – you don’t want your coworkers to see you sweat!

Create a Schedule

When you work from home, it can be easy to let the lines between work and leisure blur. Suddenly, working late into the night or taking a break in the middle of the day doesn’t seem like such a big deal. But this can quickly lead to burnout.

To avoid this:

  1. Create a schedule and stick to it as much as possible.
  2. Decide what hours you’re going to work, and take regular breaks.
  3. If you can, set up your workspace in a separate room from where you relax.

This way, when you’re done working for the day, you can physically leave your workspace behind and forget about work until the next day.

It’s also good for fitness to have a schedule. This way, you can plan when you’re going to work out and fit it into your day instead of trying to find time for it whenever you can. Creating a daily or weekly routine will help keep you accountable and make working out feel less like a chore.

Purchase At-Home Gym Equipment

Couple working from home working out

The problem with the home is most rooms are for relaxation and stress relief. The last thing you want to do is bring a gym into your home and set it up in your bedroom or living room. However, investing in smaller at-home gym equipment can help increase your motivation to work out.

A yoga mat, a set of dumbbells, or an exercise ball are all great options that won’t take up too much space. You can even get a mini trampoline or a jump rope. And if you want to go all out, there are plenty of home gyms on the market that won’t break the bank.

Don’t forget about apps and online workouts, too. There are tons of free options available that you can do in your living room with no equipment at all. Online tai chi video lessons are the best way to start your day. The exercise can also serve as meditation and help improve your focus and concentration.

Final Thoughts

Staying fit and healthy is essential, even working from home. Following these tips can create a healthy routine that works for you. And who knows, you might even find that working out makes you more productive!

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