How to Treat Back Pain Caused by Lifting Heavy Objects

Man experiencing lower back pain

People who do manual labor often complain about pain. Due to the nature of their work, they experience pain on their arms, legs, and, often, their backs.

Everyone will experience back pain at some point in their life. There are many possible causes of back pain, including crouching in front of a screen for hours. For people who lift heavy and bulky objects, it can be a recurring problem that may affect their performance at work. 

Consult Your Doctor

Most cases of back pain may disappear after taking painkillers but, for some, they may need to get checked by a specialist. There are minimally invasive back pain treatment options to address the problem and prevent it from returning over and over again.

However, if the back pain is caused by a more serious complication, like sciatica or a slipped disc, surgery may be recommended. Again, talk to your doctor about the problem if the discomfort persists.

Regular Exercise

For most, simple exercises may provide relief from back pain. A low-impact aerobic routine like walking or swimming can strengthen the muscle and increase the endurance of your back without straining. It will allow your back to function better and prevent discomfort.

Pilates is also an exercise routine that can improve your symptoms. Pilates targets your core which will allow you to lift heavy loads more easily. It will also teach your spine better alignment and stretch your back muscles.

Doing simple stretching exercises every day can prevent back pain.

Apply Hot and Cold Compress

Placing a warm water bottle on the affected area can reduce the pain temporarily. Some people also find relief by having a warm bath.

A cold compress using a bag of ice or frozen peas may also alleviate the pain. However, do not apply ice directly to your skin. Doing so may lead to a cold burn. Instead, wrap a towel around it and press gently on the affected area.

Take a Deep Breath and Relax

When you are stressed, your muscles are strained. This will exacerbate the discomfort you already feel.

At the end of the workday, try to relax. Do things that calm you down like reading or listening to soothing music. You may also try meditation and breathing exercises to ease the tension you feel.

Practice Correct Lifting Techniques

doctors looking at xray


If moving heavy objects cannot be avoided in your line of work, learn proper lifting positions and techniques. This will prevent not only chronic back pain but also injuries associated with lifting heavy objects such as strains and sprains.

Tips such as keeping your back straight and lifting with your legs will ensure that you are not putting unnecessary pressure on parts of your body and prevent discomfort later on. Hold the load close to your body and, if you cannot carry it on your own, ask your colleagues for help.

In addition, talk to your employer about investing in tools that will lighten your workload.

You do not have to endure back pain. There are ways to provide relief if you experience discomfort and avoid it entirely. Although there are numerous products that promise to cure back pain, like shoe inserts and back supports, there is not enough scientific evidence to support their claims.  Talk to your doctor to find the root of the pain and to treat it.

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