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Shed the weight

Many people out there live each day with multiple missing teeth. The majority of those who do so wear dentures or partial dentures in their place. Dentures, whether partial or full, are typically the cause of a great deal of discomfort for those who wear them, as well as potential embarrassment. Whilst dentures are a good way of replacing missing teeth, they do not solve the problem structurally, but purely on a somewhat superficial level. As dentures sit on a person’s gum line, they do not typically provide the strength and durability of natural teeth. This being the case, many of those who are wearing dentures in place of lost teeth struggle to eat even the simplest of foods without some difficulty. For those who are in this position, the most obvious and efficient way of permanently restoring the integrity and beauty of their smile is to seek dental implants in Melbourne from a trusted provider of cosmetic and restorative dentistry.

Multiple tooth implants


For those who are missing several teeth, the best way to fully restore their smile and let them enjoy all the foods and luxuries of those who have a full set of healthy teeth, is through receiving ; dental implants for multiple teeth. Historically this would never have been possible, but today – thanks to modern dental science and innovation – it is now possible to instal as many as four teeth in a row through just one single dental implant. This implant acts as a surrogate root to whicha dental bridge is attached. Each of the new teeth will, if they are properly maintained and looked after, last almost an entire lifetime, and look and feel identical to having a natural full set of teeth. Issues faced by those who are missing several teeth, such as the loss of the ability to speak or chew properly, can find their problems to be completely alleviated through multiple-tooth dental implants.

The implant process to replace multiple teeth

For those who believe that multiple dental implants could help both their oral predicament and social lives, and fully restore their smile to its former glory, they are advised to seek out a trusted provider of implants and cosmetic dentistry within their area, and request a consultation. This initial consultation marks – for many – the beginning of their treatment journey and their path towards a rejuvenated smile. At this consultation, patients can ask any questions they wish to and allow the practitioner to detail to them the implant process and what they can expect. Many practices also use this consultation as a chance to determine the patient’s existing oral health, and assess whether their gums are healthy enough to carry out the implant process. Following from this consultation – provided the patient is fit and willing – the installation of the implant will be carried out. This involves a brief dental operation during which a portion of the patient’s gum is stripped back and a titanium socket, or root, is inserted and left to fuse. Once the titanium within the socket has binded itself to the bone tissue within the patient’s gums, it will serve as a permanent and fixed point to which a dental bridge will be attached – giving the patient an entirely new set of up to four teeth at a time.


All dental treatments carry potential risks. Contact your local dental team for more information about the procedures mentioned in this article.

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