Makeup for Teens: Products They Can Include in Their First Kit


If you develop an interest in makeup before reaching your teens, that’s totally normal. Most girls are the same. Your parents and peers may think you’re too young for makeup, but technically, that’s not the case. Even children under ten years old can wear some makeup, like lipstick and blush. However, if you want to wear makeup every day, you need to carefully select the products you’ll use beforehand. Using your mom’s makeup and tools may not be a good idea, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Also, getting dolled up every day requires a daily skincare routine. Skincare products protect your pores from blockage due to the layers of cream and powders you apply to your face.

So before starting a makeup routine, take note of the advice below, and we’ll guide you on building your first kit.

Is it Safe for Teens to Wear Makeup?

It’s absolutely safe for teens to wear makeup, but you should be selective of the products you’ll use. Pediatrician Eva Kubiczek-Love, M.D. recommends the products with the fewest ingredients. She also points out that “natural” doesn’t always mean better or safer. Even organic products should be subject to your scrutiny. The terms “natural” and “organic” are often thrown around without standardization or rigor behind it, according to Sonya Lunder of the Environmental Working Group.

In fact, users of natural or organic makeup can experience allergic reactions or even infections. So if you stumble upon a brand claiming to be natural or organic, research the brand and check out customer reviews. Research the ingredients as well.

If you prefer “healthy” makeup products, mineral makeup may be a safer option. Dermatologists agree that mineral makeup is better because it’s free of preservatives and fragrances. But then again, not all mineral makeup is what they claim to be. Some brands may use bismuth or oxychloride for their products, and those aren’t natural minerals. Instead, they’re byproducts of copper and lead processing. Those heavy metals can irritate your skin or cause or worsen acne.

How to Choose Safe Makeup Products

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Since your body is still developing, your skin may be prone to breakouts. That’s due to the hormonal changes you’re experiencing. But your sensitive skin comes with a major advantage. Given your age, your skin is more supple and full of collagen. So instead of choosing high-coverage makeup, go for ones that enhance your good skin.

Here’s a list of products you may include in your first kit:

  1. Tinted moisturizer or BB cream — if foundation will be too heavy on your skin, opt for a tinted moisturizer or BB cream instead. Both offer thinner coverage, so your skin will still show up underneath. But it will look more radiant and flawless. Choose a product without parabens, gluten, and sulfates. If you can find a vegan variety, go for it.
  2. Foundation — wearing foundation is fine, especially if you want to conceal some flaws. If you have an existing breakout, use acne-safe foundation. Set it with an acne-safe loose powder.
  3. Concealer — to cover the dark circles underneath your eyes and other major flaws, use a concealer. You don’t need a lot of it like what you see influencers do. A thin dab of the product can already provide the coverage you need.
  4. Blush — depending on your preference, you can use a cream blush, powder blush, or a cheek tint.
  5. Eyeshadow — if you’re going to a party or somewhere formal, you can put on a smokey or natural eye look with some eyeshadow. You can buy an inexpensive palette to practice with or invest right away in a high-end palette that can last you for years.
  6. Eyeliner — be careful when choosing an eyeliner because a cheap one from an unknown brand may irritate your eyes. Stick to reputable brands and always check the ingredients list.
  7. Mascara — likewise, be careful with your mascara selection. Note also that mascaras expire after three to six months; you need to replace them by then whether they’re empty or not.
  8. Lip product — you can put on lipstick and end it at that, or apply lip gloss on top of it. Go for an MLBB (my lips but better) shade to maintain your youthful look.

Don’t forget to wear sunscreen before applying your makeup. Though most face makeup products already have SPF, it won’t hurt to apply additional protection. Sunscreen also keeps you looking young, so you’d never have too much of it.

You don’t need to apply makeup like an influencer, but if you have the talent for it, flaunt it. However, don’t pressure yourself to be as good as the popular influencers. Makeup artistry is a skill that’s mastered after years of training or experience. Start small, and remember that you look beautiful with or without expertly applied makeup.

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