Outstanding Dental Procedures That Can Improve Your Smile

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Teeth decay and misalignment are some of the common dental issues that have denied people the freedom to smile in public. Fortunately, dentists are introducing innovative treatment procedures that can restore your smile. With the advancement of technology, the dental industry has experienced significant improvement. More people are now seeking dental services for cosmetic purposes.

The following are dental procedures that can fix your dental issues.

Teeth Whitening

Also called bleaching, teeth whitening is a regular procedure that most people opt for in quest of restoring the color of their teeth. The treatment procedure can whiten your teeth by two to nine shades, which gives dentists and patients several options. Dentists should conduct this procedure, but you can also find counter whiteners. Teeth whitening is usually temporary, which means that you have to do it occasionally. The whiteness lasts for a couple of months, depending on how you take care of your teeth.

Dental Crowns

Most people have decayed or broken crowns. Fortunately, you can get a dental crown to replace it. Your dentist can take the genetic makeup and dimensions of the remaining top part and send it to the lab to make a customized crown. You may have to use a temporary crown while the lab is still designing a permanent crown. Once the crown is ready, you will go back to the dentist for installation. Remember that this procedure can only be done if your root is still intact and strong enough to support the new crown.


Invisalign are the clear braces that recently replaced the metal braces. Metal braces are usually uncomfortable for many people. Different from what most people think, you can eat and sleep with Invisalign. If you have misaligned teeth, all you need is to visit the leading dentists for Invisalign in Singapore. You will get clear braces that will get your teeth in shape within a relatively short time.



Dentures treatment is a dental procedure to replace missing teeth. Dentures can be full or partial, depending on the condition of the patient. Also known as false teeth, dentures have significantly helped people who have lost their teeth through diseases, accidents, or old age.


Bonding is a procedure used to mend decayed teeth. It can also correct discoloured and chipped teeth or reduce gaps between teeth. This treatment uses a mixture of resin of paste that is applied to the teeth, followed by the use of laser beams or ultraviolet light to harden them. The resin is then shaped and polished to look natural. This dental procedure can work for all ages, and the resin mixture is replaced when teeth grow.


Implants are used as artificial roots to replace lost teeth. The chances are that after you have lost teeth, you face difficulty chewing, and the shape of your face also changes. Avoid these problems by getting implants that will be fused to your jawbone. After you have healed, a fake tooth can be installed on top.

Getting That Lovely Smile

Many dental procedures can help to keep your smile beautiful. The dental industry has embraced these procedures and is discovering new ones every year. If you have a dental issue, you can visit a dentist for any of these procedures.

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