Still Think You are Too Old to Benefit from Braces in Liverpool?


It’s never too late to get the smile you deserve

Many people are under the impression that they are too old to get braces in Liverpool, however this really isn’t the case. Perhaps your teeth were straight when you were younger, but as you age your teeth sometimes have a tendency to shift out of place. Lots of adults feel that braces are only really given to patients when they are younger, and do not look into the possibility of getting their teeth professionally straightened, because they are unaware of the advancements that orthodontics have made since their childhood days and the number of options that are available to them today.

Hidden braces

Conventional orthodontics are typically fused to the front of a patient’s teeth using metal wires to apply tension to the brackets which slowly pull your teeth together until they are in a proper alignment. This method of orthodontics is still widely used today, due to its effectiveness in swiftly realigning a patient’s tooth structure. That said, it is also not the most discreet form of dental alignment, and dissuades many older patients from getting braces, as they feel this is the only available option for them. In reality, there are an array of ‘hidden’ orthodontic methodologies which have emerged over the last few decades. One such form of ‘hidden orthodontics’ is the Invisalign method. This does not use the conventional channels of alignment (i.e brackets or wires) but rather replaces them with a removable retainer. This retainer is formed using a specialised dental plastic material, which is completely transparent and made from an impression of a patient’s unique tooth shape. Therefore, when it is worn, it is almost completely undetectable and far more discreet than traditional methods.

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How does it work?

Whilst traditional braces work by pulling teeth together using wires and brackets, the Invisalign retainer method uses specially placed pressure-points that are fitted to the interior of each retainer to gently shift the patient’s teeth to their proper position when it is worn over their teeth. The retainer is uniquely built to fit the patient and the patient alone, so each and every one is entirely bespoke and tailored to a specific patient. The material used is a patented dental plastic material called SmartTrack, which is far more comfortable than traditional braces, but durable enough so that it can move the patient’s teeth together over time. One of the most valued advantages to this type of brace, particularly for older patients, is that it can be periodically removed at their discretion. Such as choosing to take the retainer out when eating food, or if they are attending a social event or having their photograph taken. Even with the Invisalign retainer being worn it is almost impossible to detect, but the removable nature of the treatment gives patients an additional freedom that traditional orthodontics does not. Having teeth which are crooked or wonky is not easy, and not really something that gets easier with time, as it can often affect the way that people treat you, or how you are viewed by others. However, treating crooked or misaligned teeth is something which is far easier today than it has ever been before, so there is no reason not to have the smile that you deserve – regardless of how old you are.

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