Self-care as an Extrovert: Recharging Your Battery in the Pandemic

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When it comes to our “personalities,” most people narrow it to three major categories: introverts, ambiverts, and extroverts. Introverts are individuals who get energy from doing hobbies by themselves and usually just being around a select group of individuals. Ambiverts are usually a balance between introverts and extroverts. Extroverts get their energy by being around others while doing some hobbies that often involve many individuals. Many people would say that they are the life of the party.

Since extroverts will usually get their energy from socializing and interacting with other individuals, they need constant companionship. Of course, that doesn’t mean that they can’t do things by themselves or have fun with a select group of people. In some instances, not all social situations are suitable for extroverts. Like introverts that will need to be away from others, extroverts also need time to rest and recuperate since their “social battery” can be depleted after prolonged socializing.

In the past year, many extroverts have been facing different mental health crises, especially when most individuals are stuck at home due to lockdowns being imposed by authorities. Most would say that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the mental health of the world’s population. With everything that has happened in the past few years, self-care should be the top priority for extroverts. So what are some things that extroverts can do to exercise self-care?

Living an Active Lifestyle

One of the best ways to beat the “pandemic blues” is by having an active lifestyle. This means that regular exercise and changes in the person’s lifestyle can help extroverts and introverts cope. No matter what your personality or body type may be, working towards good health can improve individuals. Getting your heart pumping and your muscles worked up can help release some much-needed endorphins.

Although the pandemic might have closed down various fitness centers and establishments, there are always various exercises that people can do outdoors. Some extroverts will usually stick to interacting with at least one “fitness buddy” that can help them improve.

Another important aspect that individuals will need to keep in mind has a proper diet. Whatever we place in our body can shape our physical and mental health.

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Getting Professional Help

One of the “silver linings” to the pandemic is that many extroverts can have an introspective journey to their psyche, which means that most are now aware of their emotional and mental needs. This has also led to more individuals seeking professional help, especially those who see a pattern in their behavior that might exhibit early onsets of mental disorders.

Getting professional help is one of the best ways of self-care since this will give a person valuable lessons and reminders that they can use throughout much of their lives.

Even though there’s a spike in mental health cases since the past year, many institutions and organizations are sprung up to help those suffering from mental health problems and disorders. One clinic that’s staffed with professionals in the psychiatric field is offering ketamine treatment services that help with various mental health complications. This treatment is known for taking action on mental conditions such as depression, anxiety, and pain.

Keep Communicating

Extroverts must reach out to old friends and acquaintances that they haven’t checked on for quite some time. The best form of self-care for extroverts is keeping themselves sharp. Extroverts have a great sense of helping others grow, especially those that are shy and aloof. That said, they might want to help out introverted friends who are feeling lonely during the pandemic.

It’s important to remember that prolonged isolation can have various adverse effects on both introverts and extroverts. But since introverts are used to not being around others, they’re not as affected compared to extroverts. Fortunately, most extroverts won’t necessarily have to travel hundreds of miles (if that’s possible) or visit mass gatherings when everything can be accessed through smartphones and social media platforms through computers and laptops. After all, having someone to talk to is the best way of keeping yourself sane.

There are various ways that extroverts can do to take care of themselves even during uncertain times. What’s the best course of regaining the same energy and vigor? Most would say keeping yourself busy and doing the same things that you’ve always been doing. After all, the best way of beating the loneliness of the pandemic is to have a healthy outlook on life. So take the necessary steps to regain and maintain the energy you have.

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