Three Situations Where Surgical Enhancements to Appearances Are Justified

Plastic surgery

Throughout the country, there has been an ongoing debate over the ethics and implications of various surgical procedures being performed to improve one’s appearance. The field is certainly not new, and the discussion goes back several decades – with each new innovation seeming to only add more fuel to the flames of debate. Many people may be prone to forming immediate judgments on the matter, associating such types of surgery with vanity and a skewed, superficial sense of values. Yet in these situations, you’ll find that the cause for alteration is well-justified, and any concerns can be allayed or mitigated.

Health benefits

Often, when people talk about procedures to enhance appearances, we envision specific cosmetic procedures which tend to be associated with high-profile celebrities or other personalities – think nose or face lifts, liposuction, breast implants, augmented buttocks, or Botox. And the imagery that comes to mind isn’t always good; examples of botched surgeries abound. But not all procedures fall into the category of aesthetic improvements; there are some which bring tangible health benefits to the patient. Breast reduction, for instance, can relieve a woman suffering from back and shoulder pain; a nose job may be the best solution for some cases of chronic nasal congestion. Any risks are often associated with a lack of sufficient qualifications; it takes years before your local oral surgeon in Richmond completes the required training and Indiana board certification in order to perform essential maxillofacial surgery.


Surgeons who are trained in these types of procedures don’t just apply their skills to patients who wish to improve upon the looks they were born with. You may know someone who has suffered a form of injury which could be detrimental to their appearance. High-risk occupations, or activities such as competitive sports, can lead to facial trauma, even on a non-professional or children’s level; the implications could go well beyond a having a tooth loosened or knocked out, and result in damage to the nerves or underlying soft tissue. Patients who have been involved in a vehicle collision or a fire accident can sustain extensive scarring, which might not be something they are prepared to bear for the rest of their lives. In such circumstances, it’s vital to have a skilled surgeon assess the situation and determine how to go about making restorative work as successful as possible in order for their patient to resume a normal life.

Improved body image

Beauty woman giving botox injections

Much of the dispute around surgical enhancement procedures stems from social conceptions of beauty. Everybody tends to draw their own lines a little differently. You may not take issue with cosmetic procedures, but some people feel that anything beyond the typical hair and makeup routine is excessive. Others argue that the entire idea of adjusting one’s appearance to suit superficial norms is ridiculous and devalues the innate qualities of a human being. But no one can argue that superficial standards – and the people who judge others accordingly – don’t exist. If you know someone who has suffered for years due to negative perceptions of their body image, not being accepted by others or having limited career prospects, their mental health and confidence levels can definitely be improved with the right procedure. It may not address the root cause of such problems, but it can form part of the solution and allow a patient to make positive strides in many areas.

Surgical procedures to enhance personal appearance cover a wide spectrum and address needs beyond vanity; you can use that assurance to help others make positive choices in the right situations.

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