Tips for creative marketing of dental surgeries

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Having a dental website is not the only tool you need when it comes to marketing, especially now.

Indeed, marketing strategies have evolved beyond simply having an online presence and today, thanks to the use of search engine optimisation, Google rankings and Google bots, you need to be creative when designing a successful marketing plan.

There are some gold standards, however, but much like the originality of your web page, there are many ways that you can get creative with your dental marketing and attract more patients. So, read on to learn more about some of the most creative marketing options that there are.


The most commonly engaged with types of content on the internet are videos.

And while it is always best to keep your videos for your dental surgery based around new patient acquisition (staying away from footage of surgeries), you will want to approach creating videos for your dental website in a friendly and informative manner.

Even having a vlog that is updated once a week can be extremely beneficial to any marketing campaign, as it allows potential patients to get to know your team and learn more about what it is that you can offer.

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Social media

Social media marketing is not a new idea, but this platform allows you a unique opportunity to advertise services and to allow potential patients to get to know your team. It is also a great platform to advertise any offers that your team is currently able to provide, and it also allows you to communicate more directly with potential patients. So, be sure you have a social media account for your dental practice.

Customised emails

Thanks to artificial intelligence, it is now possible to send customised emails to patients and potential patients who may have signed up for your dental surgery newsletter, either through your dental surgery page or your social media account. Suppose somebody signed up for your surgery newsletter and then went onto your website to look at dental implants. You could then send a customised email to their email address, giving them more information about the procedures that your team can offer, or even payment plans, thus helping to attract them back to your surgery.

Referral rewards

It is also worth exploring the world of referral rewards. For instance, if you have one patient who is able to refer a friend or family member to your surgery, it can be worth aiming to build up reward points for them to use later on in dental treatments. It can even be worth offering discounts on certain treatments, such as 25% off dental whitening.

Sponsoring in the community

Community events are a great way to grow your brand and are a unique marketing tool.

You can use events such as fun runs or fairs to sponsor booths or runners to help spread the message that you are engaged in your local community and want to be more involved in improving it. This will help people to see where your dental surgery’s loyalties lie and will therefore associate you and your team with being involved in your surrounding neighbourhood.

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