Key reasons why your dental surgery needs Facebook


The statistics are a little hazy, but at the end of 2020, there were over 3 billion active Facebook users. And, thanks in part to the pandemic, that number has increased as more people have moved their businesses online.

This means that if you run a dental surgery, your patients are on Facebook and your dental surgery should be too.

Social media has become a marketing tool in itself, to the extent that search engine optimization favours web pages that have a presence on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. So, if this is missing for your dental surgery, you will seriously need to consider it and discuss it with your marketing team.

In this very short article, you will be introduced to the advantages of having a social media presence on Facebook in particular, and will learn how it can be beneficial to helping your dental surgery expand. Enjoy!

Its free

The first thing to note about Facebook is that it’s free and this is exactly why so many marketing teams love it. When it comes to social media for dentists, it is one of the most popular platforms there is and it also won’t cost a penny. It can boost brand recognition relating to your dental surgery and can offer you a way to promote your services.

Targeted ads

If you have a large enough marketing budget, Facebook also has social media marketing options as well. This will mean that you or your marketing team could easily create or run targeted ads which will reach potential patients in your local area. Facebook offers the strongest ad targeting capabilities for social media marketing and that can really help you to attract the dental patients that you want via targeting adverts and keywords.


Business page


It’s easy to see your Facebook page and your surgery webpage as separate but for many people, the Facebook page is a miniature version of the dental surgery website itself. So, you should see it as an extension. It will allow you to post photos, updates, and fun facts about dentistry and will keep your dental surgery at the top of potential patients’ minds. As mentioned earlier, you can even post updates about events or offers all within this well-known social media platform.


If you hire a marketing team, they will be able to offer analytics for your dental surgery website. However, Facebook also offers analytics and can help you to track which of your posts are landing with your targeted groups and which ones are not as popular. This can help you to build your media presence and will help you to reach specific demographics.


If you have ever been onto Facebook and have seen a business listed on there, you will have seen people commenting on the posts and the person who runs the website responding. Facebook is a great platform for you to communicate with your dental patients and it is also a great platform for them to be able to offer feedback on the services that they have received from you or are looking to receive from you. This is particularly important when it comes to nervous patients who may be less than eager to call the surgery.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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