What is Invisalign and do I need to get it?

woman wearing invisalign

Whilst looking for a discreet way to straighten your smile, you want to find a treatment that is just as effective as less discreet options, which is why you may want to choose Invisalign Clapham. It is done by using multiple clear plastic aligners which fit snug around your teeth, and slowly shift them over time. If you don’t want to draw any added attention to your teeth during the straightening process, then the aligners could be perfect for you.

What can Invisalign help with?

This straightening treatment helps with a few different problems that you may have with your teeth, and will help to bring your smile back! Clapham Invisalign is great if you have moderate misalignment or bite problems such as an underbite, overbite or crossbite.

What’s the process?

As with any dental treatment, you will have an initial consultation with your dentist so they can make sure you are eligible by examining your teeth and taking scans. They will also discuss everything in length with you to do with the process, and take dental impressions. A lot of the time, your dentist will have technology that can generate the end result of what your teeth could look like, which is really exciting to see!

If all goes well and you are eligible, you can start the treatment. Your dentist will send off the scans and impressions to influence the creation of your aligners. You will be given a few aligners at once, and they are all slightly different to straighten your teeth over time. You will have the ability to change the aligners yourself at home every 1-2 weeks, wearing them for 22 hours a day.

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When it comes to eating, you can simply remove the aligners, eat whatever you want, give your teeth a brush and pop them straight back in! And when it comes to taking care of the aligners themselves, all you need to do is brush them with your toothbrush and rinse them off! It’s as simple as that.

During this time, you will visit your dentist every 4-6 weeks to monitor your progress and give you any new aligners that you need. The average treatment time usually varies from 12-18 months.

What are the benefits?

Having Invisalign in Clapham can bring so many benefits, both for aesthetic reasons and for your oral health.

Invisible appearance

Unlike some other teeth straightening treatments, this one uses clear aligners, meaning that they are very hard to see. The thin, clear plastic used really helps to create the invisible look, and can help to create a more discreet look.


One of the great things about straightening your teeth with these aligners is the fact they are removable. This really helps with maintaining good oral hygiene and not having to restrict the food you eat.


Due to the soft plastic material used to create the aligners, and how snug they fit to your teeth, it means that there is as much comfort as possible. There are no attachments meaning there is less risk of anything snagging your gums.

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