Why We Experience More Pain During the Pandemic

The pandemic caused a major disturbance in our life. It changed the way we work, socialize, and communicate, and how we run errands. It caused us stress and anxiety due to the social distancing and isolation rules being implemented. It even changed the way we seek healthcare and manage health issues.

But one thing that is bothering many people is why they feel more pain when everyone is encouraged to shelter in place. For those who are frontline workers of the COVID-19 crisis, it is understandable why their pain and exhaustion intensified. But for the rest of us who spend more time indoors, why are we in more pain now than before?

Possible Reasons We Have More Pain During the Crisis

One main reason why people feel more pain nowadays is due to stress. Many are financially-stressed and constantly worrying about their health and that of their loved ones. They are working from home while juggling with their personal life. You may be doing less, but your stress is causing you pain. Studies show that stress influences our pain perception. When our stress system is activated, different changes occur in our body, thus manifesting pain.

The activities you engage in can also be the reason why you have more pain while staying indoors. Have you been exercising more lately? Are you participating in new activities and stayed in certain positions without stretching now and then? Or maybe your posture is to blame for your current back pain? Since some people are spending their time engaging in new hobbies, redecorating their home, and other activities, all these can contribute to pain.

According to a study conducted by Clutch, there is a 17% increase in remote work after the pandemic. While companies may have provided remote workers with corporate equipment, they may not have enough space or the right furniture to support their long working hours. That causes pain to the already tired remote worker.

Addressing Pain amid COVID-19 Pandemic

man experiencing neck and lower back pain

The best way to treat pain is to find out the underlying cause of your pain. If your pain is due to poor ergonomics while working, then it would be best to invest in the right furniture to support yourself while you work. You can also check with your employer about your group insurance and take advantage of your pain management benefits.

If your pain is mainly caused by the activities you partake, make sure to change your position now and then. Take small, frequent breaks and stretch those tired muscles. Lay down and rest if you must.

There are also many natural pain remedies you can consider so you can reduce your pain. You can use hot and cold compresses, essential oils, turmeric tea, etc. Don’t forget to get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and eat healthy meals.

Learn how you can better cope with stress. Start by identifying your stress triggers. Once you found the reasons why you are currently stressed, you can start thinking of strategies to manage it. Choose to deal with your triggers instead of running away from them.

These are only three common reasons why you could be feeling more pain now than before the pandemic. Know that you are not alone. Many are experiencing the same thing but may not be very vocal about it. Find ways to fight it. If your pain is starting to bother you and is now affecting your everyday life, don’t hesitate to reach out to a pro.

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